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Make an effort!

Providing finance through gifts to the Kpare Foundation is essential to realize the projects we undertake. Any financial support will be of help, as well as special fundraising activities still to be organized. The Kpare Foundation will support these efforts where it possibly can.

You can make a difference, there is no doubt at all about that! Therefore make an effort ranging from a financial gift on our ING-account 9278279, a sponsorship or a revolving donation.

One example event is the 40MM, an annual 40.000 Meter March. The first such sponsored walk was held in 1974. Residents of the Dutch village Venhuizen, mainly school children, will walk this distance for a good cause, sponsored per kilometer by neighbours and family.

The revenues are then donated to a number of causes in developing countries. Nearly three million dollar was distributed over the years. Last spring the Kpare Foundation received a helpful donation out of the proceeds of this event.

Since 1993 40MM events are organized in other countries too. Groups that walk the same distance in their hometown, sometimes as many as 5000 people. In 1997 for instance in Ghana, Kenya, Brazil and Indonesia.

Ghana could be on the 40MM agenda again next year if sufficient sponsors can be found. In that case it is sure to provide useful funding for our goals. For more information or to enlist as a sponsor check out www.40MM.nl


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