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id=13 Water, water, indispensable commodity
Water, water. Every day some hundred liters are needed foor basic needs. Washing, cooking and preparing pito beer. Each morning women and girls go to the well to fetch water on their head in large containers. There is never enough water to irrigate the fields. Even early in the morning water evaporates before reaching the roots of the crop.
Pito beer is made and drunk every day
Homebrew pito is an excellent alternative drink in hot weather, because even uncooled it tastes good. The recipe: cook some millet with water and yeast, after colling and reheating the substance it is ready for use in three days. The yeast is removed to be used again and the beer is consumed the same day. Making pito is one of the daily tasks of the women in Kpare.
id=11 Making food is a full time job
Cooking and making pito beer is done by the women of the compound, each in her own corner. Sometimes for more than one family at a time, depending on who supplied the ingredients.
Kids of Kpare
The names these children get are from the Dagare area around Kpare. Nmes like Amina, Saaspoge or Dolaje. Sometimes they tell something of the area where they come from. More to the south of Ghana in the Kingdom of Ashanti for instance people are named after the day they were born. Moslims names like Fatima or Seidu stem from the beginning of the last century when muslim gangs plundered and burned villages in this area. Having a arab sounding name was thought to help against harrassment. Since the British influence and schools run by catholic orders names like Titus, Gilbert or Sebastian were introduced.
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