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id=17 Clan head Zaato Yere
Zaato Yere (62) is clanhead and as such an important and well respected figure in town. He started a new residence for his family, together with his two brothers and lives on the first floor of the compound they built. It provides status and gives a good view on what is happening under his reign. Yere has to make important decisions in matters relevant for the family, whether someone should go to school or not. In all discussions about our projects in Kpare he played an important role.
Funeral takes three days
Birthdays or special feasts around the birth of a baby are unknown in Kpare. But a funeral is an event not to be missed. There are three full days of extensive mourning. Mourners are bound here to neighbours or family with pieces of cloth or ropes to give comfort and keep them from harming themselves. If the deceased is a woman all her pots are put together and broken ritually. One of the customs here is a spontaneous act whereby elements of past of the deceased are relived or reference can be made to his or hers place of origin.
id=15 What will it bring this year?
Fields between the componds of Kpare. Millet and guinea corn is planted on hills to retain the water a little longer. Other crop is planted in between to reduce the risk of a bad harvest.
Ecological building
There is no need to teach the people of Kpare to build in an ecologically responsible way. A resident pulverizes a wall, so that it can be used again for building, or shoveled on the fields and thus recycled. Building with mud and clay is healthier too, because it makes the temperature in the rooms much more equable than with metal roofings and cement in the intense heat of this region.
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